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News within the Oriflame Moodle

There are still more and more users within the Moodle of Oriflame holding AG. We have already passed the magical boundary of 750 000 of registered users, so this installation is one of the largest installation all over the World. The Enrollment of users to courses is based on global groups in Moodle (cohorts). To ensure the function of these cohorts smoothly, we have optimized the registration of users.

We have ensured the implementation of LMS Moodle for regions of China and East Asia into the servers that are located directly in China. The number of users of this installation is dynamically growing.

The Global Moodle for Oriflame holding AG is operated by PragoData Consulting. We are operating support services for both installation.

oriflame moodle

How to secure corporate e-learning

Security of internet technologies is relatively wide issue. If we think about the security of education system, we can identify at least two areas that are important to deal with security.

In first case there is an area of ensuring security from the side of end-user, where is worth to keep general principles of cyber security (e.g. the rules for creating passwords, regularly updates of antivirus software, never open the attachment of emails from untrusted senders, etc.). There is especially important to establish internal instructions and guidelines in the field of safe use of IT and carry out the continuous education and training of its employees in the area of cyber security.
The second field where is important to think about the security of e-learning is the security of system. We have this problem more in our hands and it is worth to think about it already within the choosing the design of the educational system.
As a supplier of national and international e-learning solutions for the corporate, public and academic sector, we create the solutions for security requirements of our education systems.
We meet some requirements for security of education that are very common across our customers. According to these requirements and our long experiences we are able to target 4 key fields that are important for integrity of our e-learning solutions.

  1. Registration and authentication of user´s accounts

System must support as the direct registration of user´s accounts and authentication of user against the local database of users as the loading/creating of user´s structurers and the basic (global) roles from the directory servers like LDAP and ensure the authentication of user via LDAP protocol.
The result of authentication is given by answer of LDAP server. If the result is positive, user is logged into the system (system eventually creates the new user account). If the result is negative, user is not allowed to log into the system (system eventually could suspends/blocks the user account).
The recent trend push more pressure on the multi-factorial authentication that ensure the restriction of abuse of user account in case of compromise of user name and password.

2. Advanced management authority

System must support the advanced management authority (user roles). Each user has given the role which allowed him to have the access just to those functionalities of system, data and information for which users/roles have permission. The major advantage of the system is also the fact that system is able to create the new roles (respectively the system allowed to customize the default created roles) so client can define and modify the user roles and its authority according to his needs.
It may include the permission to send messages and notifications, student assessment, system administrations, creating new courses or access to audit records and logs.

3. Restriction of course registration based on criteria

Another key functionality of the system for management of education is to restrict the access to course and study materials according to selected criteria. For example, according to the defined target groups, premises and continuity, time restriction or other conditions.
The course and its study materials can be accessible only for users that belong to its target group or only for users that meet requirements that are given for the study course. Otherwise users do not have the access to this course or users cannot see it.

4. Event registration

The evidence (logging) of events and managing the audit of log is the last requirement for security of system. The system must record the events that takes place within its framework. The ideal is not to restrict logging to only system events, but to extend logging ideal for any activity that takes place in the system. The important feature of the system is that neither the administrator can modify the audit log.
For example if someone activate the automatic actualization of system, or if someone edit the educational materials or manually change the student´s final grade from the test, within these activities must be findable which user, under which specific role, from which IP address and when someone made these changes.

These four key fields that are mentioned above represent basic security requirements for top e-learning system. It is visible that these fields are quite wide and we can continue to work with them.
If you also think about implementation of e-learning within your company, we believe that this article could help you to make up the basic overview about security aspects of e-learning systems.

 secure elearning

Moodle 3.2 with fresh new Boost look


The new version of Moodle 3.2 was published on 5th December 2016. The Moodle 3.2 brings as new visual changes as new opportunities of navigation and editing, furthermore new enhancements for multimedia application and also totally new system of notification and reporting. More information is available on Moodle webpage, which provides an overview of the changes with preview and also detailed description for Moodle developers.

The new version of Moodle 3.2 is available also in Czech localization, which is developed mainly by PragoData Consulting, Ltd. We are pleased that we have reached the 99 % of the translated strings.



Looking back at conference 2016

The international conference 2016, a three-day marathon of workshops and lectures on Moodle and e-learning, was successfully ended by Wednesday afternoon, October 19, 2016.

Participants had the opportunity to attend workshops on the practical use of Moodle during the first day. Workshops have been thematically designed for Authors, Creators courses and Moodle administrators.

Futher new information and knowledges from the world of Moodle were served to conference´s guests during Tuesday´s morning and furthermore even in two parallel sessions during Tuesday´s afternoon, where were presented a total of 20 presentations. Within the second day of MoodleMoot there was the announcement of the winners of the secondary schools competition in creating courses in Moodle, when we are pleasure to congratulate once again the winning team from the grammar school from Šternberk.

The gala evening of MoodleMoot took place in the historic premises artillery warehouse that was renovated and converted into the „Pevnost Poznání UP“ (Fortress of knowledge UP). The piece of this interactive science museum was opened to guests, where they had the opportunity to try animation devoted to history of the siege of Olomouc city during the Seven Years War.

The last day of the conference was devoted to other presentations, which focused mainly on the use of Moodle in the academic and corporate environments.

We believe that the fourth conference MoodleMoot was successful, that you have acquired a lot of interesting information and practical experience that could inspire you to work with Moodle.

Thank you for participating, we appreciate your trust and we believe that we will continue to meet.

Check out the website, where you can find some moments from the conference.

Moodle team PragoData Consulting, Ltd.

mootcz16 - lecture in the main conference hall

mootcz16 - workshop for teachers

mootcz16-fun atmosphere of the evening at the Fortress of knowledge UP


PragoData Company Consulting, Ltd. has another certified project managers PRINCE2®

Additional four employees of PragoData Consulting, Ltd. received PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate AXELOS® during last week.

PRINCE2® methodology was created by more than 150 companies with years of experience in project management and it is the most common and most popular project management methodology nowdays.

Team PragoData Consulting uses a methodology PRINCE2 project management in the long term. Deepening existing knowledge about new developments in the field of project management, pass an exam and obtain a prestigious globally recognized certificate PRINCE2 project manager, confirmed the competence of our project managers.